Celebrity Status

We’re famous!
Ok, well, not really. Maybe to a group of darling kindergarteners we are? A little while ago we visited a kindergarten class that wanted to learn all about twins.

We were personally invited by an adorable young student who determinedly asked me to “bring all of the twins you have.” I assured him I would and we set a date for us to visit – how could I say no?! Impossible. Even if I had tried to say no, he was pretty convincing. I bet he would have had a few other tricks up his sleeve.

On the day of the visit, we arrived less than 5 minutes late (by miracle somehow! Or maybe it was because my mom was visiting and she runs a tight ship).

Walking into the classroom was like walking into my version of heaven. Not only is the classroom stunning, but the students are sitting on the carpet in absolute silence, awestruck watching us come in. One little boy was assigned as our escort and showed us where to “park” (the stroller). I complimented them profusely on their behaviour, but for some reason I have a feeling their teacher runs an even tighter ship than my mom. She even had them hand sanitizer trained! If someone coughed – they would hop right up to the sanitizer quickly after!

We sat down and proceeded to tell them the “secret” on how to be a twin. Ok, I was the one to tell them… the babies… were babies. I explained that they needed two things to be a twin: a) the same birthdate and b) the same mom. The birthdate threw them for a loop. They all knew their birth months, but couldn’t quite remember the day. The mom argument was solid at least.

Then, it was their turn to ask US questions. They had been brainstorming already. They had great questions – asking if they were the same size, asking how they play and talk. This is where the babies really got to show off. We laid them on the carpet and the students measured them using unifix cubes. We left them on the carpet to crawl around and show off how they liked to play and how they liked to talk.

Their observations of the babies absolutely blew me away. When I thought the babies were the same size, they corrected me – Henry is actually one unifix cube smaller! They noticed that Henry crawls faster than Ethan, and Henry is a lot louder than Ethan – describing their personality to a T!

I think what really got me was their vocabulary – one little boy went so far as to describe their play and how they like putting things in their mouth as “disgusting”. Great word!

IMG_2265As a thank you, I surprised the group with a set of 4 giant pairs of eyeglasses. They love their center “write the room” and I thought that these giant glasses would help them “see” the words better! Am I right?!


I’ve already been asked back to meet a new group of kinders (same fabulous teacher) and I am psyched to re-visit this first group in the spring so they can see how the babies have changed (and how many unifix cubes bigger they are).


It was exactly what I needed, to be in a classroom again, to help reevaluate what it is that I want and what it is that I’m passionate about. Teaching most definitely has a hold on my heart.

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