“I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle.” – Pride and Prejudice.


I was skyping with my family a couple of weeks ago. It was a Saturday morning and Caleb was out playing some pick-up hockey. It was me and the 4 kids.

My brother asks me, “what are you up to?”, or something along those lines, and I respond with my typical answer, “oh nothing much.” My mom laughs and says, “like taking care of 4 kids is nothing.” It was then that I realized how much the meaning of the word nothing has changed.

Doing nothing before kids:

Sleeping in until noon, staying in your pyjamas, drinking hot coffee, eating leftover pizza on the couch while watching a marathon of chick flicks.

Doing nothing after kids:

Sleeping in until 8, staying in your pyjamas, changing diapers, taking orders, making breakfast, pouring juice, giving orders, stealing a bite for yourself, sitting on the floor with the babies while watching the veggie tales episode you’ve seen 10 times before on Netflix. Oh, and the coffee is usually cold.

I had fooled myself into thinking that Saturday mornings have never changed. It was an actual revelation when I realized they have! Doing nothing now, just means putting myself last.

I’m not meaning to – put myself last that is. I’ve just been attempting to continue the tradition of Saturday morning nothing… Not realizing that tradition has long passed.

Now that I know, I’m going to strive for a different kind of Saturday morning.

It feels amazing to be freshly showered and looking good, ready for the day… I feel like I can conquer the world – and my responsibilities at home can be much more enjoyed, rather than viewed as invading on my “doing nothing” day.

It’s ok to put yourself first. It’s ok to put yourself first. It’s ok to put yourself first.

I’m going to start practicing selfishness, for the sake of my family…

If I feel good, I’ll have more fun with my kids, I’ll appreciate our time together more, I’ll be more of the mom they deserve.

As a bonus: When they see me feeling good – they notice. I’m modelling for them what it looks like to take care of yourself, something they deserve to see.

As we finish up another work week, and look forward to another Saturday morning – feel free to do nothing, just don’t forget to put yourself first… I will be – with a hot shower, hot cup of coffee, and sweatpants. Did I forget to mention that sweatpants are my new nothing?

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