Week 14

“I would have everybody marry if they can do it properly; I do not like to have people throw themselves away; but everybody should marry as soon as they can do it to advantage.” - Mansfield Park I need to take this opportunity to celebrate. There is nothing greater than finding the one your heart … Continue reading Week 14

Week 13

It is well to have as many holds upon happiness as possible. - Northanger Abbey We all know the world is an awful place. It doesn't take much to tell us this. Just turn on the TV. Flip through the channels a couple of times. It's everywhere. Ugly. Sad. Lonely. Scary. I asked Hailey the … Continue reading Week 13

Week 11

" One cannot have too large a party." - Emma  We are blessed to have a big and beautiful family. Because of this, on any given month of the year, someone in it is celebrating a birthday. My kids know this, as they often get me to recite for them the list of who's is … Continue reading Week 11

Week 10

For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn? - Pride and Prejudice Last week was our first week of school - and I received an alarming glimpse of what our year is going to look like. Here's what I had imagined our year would … Continue reading Week 10

Week 9

“But people themselves alter so much, that there is something new to be observed in them for ever.”  - Pride and Prejudice When you're a child, you dream of the day you will grow up and become an adult. In adulthood you long for the days when you were a child. It's amazing how difficult it … Continue reading Week 9