“Time will explain.” – Persuasion

We spend a lot of our days with hope-filled hearts full of expectations for a life filled with tomorrows.

As children, we grow up, dreaming about what we want to be and where we want to go. Impatient, with the expectation that someday we will have everything we’ve ever wanted.

We get married, with the expectation that we will grow old with the person standing across from us on that altar. We expect that they will always be there as our partner in crime and we will explore life together side by side.

We have a baby, with the expectation that we will be there to guide them from their first breaths to their first steps. We expect to watch them dream throughout their childhood and be able to watch them grow impatient for their own dreams to come true. We expect to celebrate with them as they find their own partner in crime and start making their own plans and having their own babies.

What we tend to forget, I believe we are designed this way, is that these expectations are nothing but hope-filled aspirations. We have no idea how many todays we have, let alone how many tomorrows we have to look forward to.

We can do our part – we can look both ways before we cross the street, make healthy food choices and exercise our bodies – these things will all ensure we have as many tomorrows as we can hope to have, but there is still so much we won’t understand.

Some of us are given “enough” time… It seems, however, there are too many others left wanting, robbed of all the precious tomorrows we had been hoping for, we had been expecting.

All we can do in times like these, is to keep looking to tomorrow with that hope-filled heart with the expectation that in time, we will come to understand. Time will explain…

My heart is with all of you today suffering from a broken heart and lost time… I’m holding my babies tighter, thankful for all of the yesterdays I’ve been able to share with them, and appreciating my today.

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